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Graphic Designer

Graphic Designer will cover all graphic works (Digital & Print Designs). Advance knowledge of Adobe (AI, PS, ID) or alternative.
You will be designing business brands from scratch. Will be working along side with Digital Marketing and Website/App Development Departments and under Digital Project Manager.


Proofreading, text writing and editing for landing pages, blog articles and social media profile & posts – Will be working along side with Digital Marketing Team, Web/App Developers, Graphic Designers and under Digital Project Manager.

Web/app Developer

We will be scouting for people developing and maintaining Websites or Apps for our clients and upgrading and maintaining Wegrammi’s Website and App. Will be working along side with digital marketing team, graphic designers, copywriters (creating up to date policies for GDPR compliance) and under Digital Project Manager.

Digital Marketer

Digital Marketing – Manager and Assistant. Will be our top priority in scouting. Full knowledge of Digital Marketing – SEO, SEM, SSO, SSM, PPC. Will be delivering services to our clients and Wegrammi.com, working along side with all departments in Wegrammi.

Web Hosting Assistant

Managing new orders & linking, monitoring and maintaining Linux Cloud servers, Domain Registrations, SSL, Website Builder, Web & Email Security and giving out technical support and assistance to customers and Wegrammi Team for operating smooth in the backend of Wegrami.com.

HR/Accounts Assistant

Will be managing all Wegrammi’s accounts for companies and directors expenses, VAT returns, clients invoices/sales and payroll for the whole Wegrammi’s team. Explaining each bank transactions in the accounting software working along side with Wegrammi’s Backend System.

Joining Wegrammi

All candidates will be given proper training, full introduction of the business and it’s interest.

Available Duration: Part/Full Time & Short Contract

Companies Benefits:

  • Free courses for upgrading qualifications
  • Free tickets for special events
  • Free traveling on business trips
  • Holiday & Sick Pay
  • Peoples Pension scheme will be Enrolled
  • Work from Home or Office