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Who we are.

Wegrammi.com, is the UK’s fast growing Domain Registrar, Web Hosting with tools and features and combined with 360 digital services platform for Startups, Small & Corporate Businesses, Freelancers and Digital Agencies. Professionals on board ready to provide quality digital service, otherwise our amazing web hosting provides with amazing tools and features to encourage anybody to do it him/herself. This is why people choose us as a Web Hosting company they can always rely and count on us because we got their backs covered and informed with high requirements

More about our 360 Digital Services. We offer full range of digital solutions that can transform brands, locally and globally grow businesses to increase profitability. We have the greatest team, experience and tools to take your idea from initial concept to reality.

We’ll simply design an eye-catching Business Brand from scratch, create an amazing Website or Mobile App and provide you with the best Online Marketing to impress your visitors with quality content and to rank your Web or App on page one, on Google or AppStore

What do they say.

It was my first experience with Wegrammi and they have gave the idea on how to name my company Oy’Cleaners (Oy stands for Oh Yeah!) and has just completed Logo, Flyer, website and mobile app for me. I wouldn’t hesitate in recommending this company for the following reasons;

Wegrammi’s team were very professional, polite and easy to work with. They made sure they met my every requirement. The work was planned so that there were no delays. The work was delivered in a very high standard and super fast (2 days) with attention to detail. Their price was very reasonable!

J. Dickson

Company Director, Oycleaners.com

The Story.

Wegrammi Ltd was founded in 2014 London, United Kingdom, entrepreneur Henrich Romanovich.
Romanovich, creates digital projects since 2006, in Estonia and in the United Kingdom. Having the entrepreneurial drive for success and massive passion for digital work definitely encouraged Romanovich in building the company from scratch, creating amazing projects for clients, building the amazing digital team and making partnerships with other companies and agencies in the digital market.

Facts: The founder is from Estonia! What do we know about Estonia? Estonia is very famous for people behind Skype & TransferWise and more.

In May 2017 Wegrammi, decided to go further and began to provide Domain Registrations and Web Hosting solutions with many tools and features at www.wegrammi.com. At Wegrammi, Domain Registration is expensive for the following reasons, firstly Domain Registration includes ID Protection and Business Listing all in one price – for which is very useful for businesses to boost their rankings in search engines quicker. Wegrammi Web Hosting is ambitiously expanding its tools and features (DOMAIN, CLOUD, GLOBAL CDN, SSL, WEBSITE BUILDER, DIGITAL MARKETING TOOLS, BUSINESS EMAIL, WEB & EMAIL SECURITY) to the industries highest standards and over to become an example of success.

Due to lack of professional and stable Digital Marketing and App Development with quality, experience & availability in London – In March 2018 Wegrammi decided to provide Digital Marketing and App Development for all clients with further Website Development and Business Branding (Graphic Design).

About the story of Wegrammi Music the subsidiary of Wegrammi Ltd, Romanovich decided to give away the music business almost for free to his closest friend from Russia ‘Vitaliy Gramilin’ (is a Music Producer) in July 2018, only for one condition – 5% of royalties to Wegrammi Ltd for using the Wegrammi’s Mark and Brand and ‘IF’ the business manages to rise and gains a lot of profit, Vitaliy’s got a lot of work to do.

Company Name?

The company name was originally WildStuff, which was named after a Russian Gang in Estonia – just kidding. In 2017 at WildStuff Ltd was brainstorming and decided to change the company name, due to the similarity with another company name in the USA.  A good friend ‘Rhiannon Kearns‘ from Battersea advised and said, “How about Grammi? it means Design in Greek language and has some good association from Grammy Awards” However, the domain name had already been taken. Romanovich replied, “How about We Grammi?” The name was available, so he bought it. Romanovich said the company stuck with the name because it brought bright attention from people while pronouncing the name, hopefully they can remember it – which was not considered.

Legal stuff.

Company Name: Wegrammi Ltd
Headquarters: located in London, UK
Registered Office: 20-22 Wenlock Road, London, N1 7GU
Founded: 26 of September 2014
Company Register: Companies House (England) 
Company Reg. Number: 09237299 
VAT Number: 

Trading Name:
Wegrammi / Wegrammi.com
Companies Slogan:
I Wanna Rock!
Domain registrar, Web hosting, Graphic Design, Web/App Development, Online Marketing
Website: www.wegrammi.com


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